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Name: Andrew M

Age: 21

Lives: Margate

Sex: Male

Hair: Cropped, brown

Build: Athletic

Top Telly: So Graham Norton

Random fact: I've never had a threesome... But would like to.

Likes: Sex.


I'm called Andrew and I'm 21 years old. I've lived in Margate for the last 6 years. I'm looking for a guy to share my weekends with, a bit of shopping, dinner out at a good restaurant with friends then a serious night of pubbing and clubs.

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Gay Mick from Margate.
Gay Mick, 38, from just outside Margate, looking for friendly gay guy for discreet relationship.

Gay Christian from Margate.
Gay Christian, 31, from Margate, would like to meet open minded gay guy for discreet liaisons.

Gay Daniel from Margate.
Gay Daniel, 27, from Margate, on lookout for open minded bi gentleman for cybersex.

Bi-sexual Aaron from Margate.
Bi-sexual Aaron, 38, from the Margate area seeks daring bi sexual man for discreet liaisons.

Bi James from Margate.
Bi James, 26, from Margate, seeks daring bi sexual man for discreet liaisons.

Gay Mick from Margate.
Gay Mick, 21, from Margate, looking for clean, discreet gay man for discreet relationship.

Gay Aaron from Margate.
Gay Aaron, 22, who lives near Margate, after adventurous gay bloke for fun and games.

Gay man Mick from Margate.
Gay man Mick, 22, from the Margate area would like to meet kinky bi sexual man for discreet relationship.

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